documentary on Luton Town 2003: supporters v owners

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documentary on Luton Town 2003: supporters v owners

Post by biccynana » Sat May 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Funny what you stumble across on You Tube. This excellent documentary on LTFC’s travails in 2003 just seems really timely. That said, the pleas of the LTFC club secretary to the FA to protect clubs from avaricious owners (especially secretive ones like LTFC had back then) sadly fell on deaf ears. And what more evidence do you need of the damage owners can do than Luton’s then Chairman, John Gurney’s words: “The people in the [supporters’] trust have made a very big mistake [in forcing him out] because I never walk away from a fight. If they expect me to walk away from Luton with nothing then I’ll make sure there’s nothing left to walk away from.” The vindictive, threatening words of the type of owner who doesn’t see a community’s football club, they just see a business that can be milked and asset stripped.

It’s only 40 mins long and well worth a watch.
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