Introduction of vacuum carbon tube furnace

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Introduction of vacuum carbon tube furnace

Post by yanyan » Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:26 am

Introduction of vacuum carbon tube furnace

The vacuum carbon tube furnace is a vertical structure, with double-layer water-cooled furnace shell, the inner stainless steel is strictly polished, and the outer carbon steel is antirust treated. There is no observation window and baffle on the furnace cover, and the furnace cover is opened manually. The furnace body is equipped with an observation window, an automatic in and out thermocouple, an over temperature protection thermocouple and an infrared thermometer. The furnace side is equipped with water-cooled electrode, the heater is made of superior graphite, and the insulation layer is made of carbon felt and graphite composite structure.

The vacuum system of the vacuum carbon tube furnace adopts oil diffusion pump, mechanical pump and solenoid valve on the mechanical pump. The high and low vacuum valves are pneumatic flapper valves. The automatic switching of high and low vacuum is realized with digital display composite vacuum gauge and PLC. The main circuit of the electric control system is low voltage and high current input, and the control cabinet is made according to Siemens standard. The imported digital display program controller completes the automatic control of the heating and cooling process. The control panel is equipped with a graphic simulation screen. The humanized design makes the operation intuitive and simple. The control circuit has sound and light alarm and automatic protection functions such as water cut-off, over temperature and over-current.

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