Boxing Day Praising Bingo

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Boxing Day Praising Bingo

Post by dfc1883 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:32 pm

Just so we're not coming back to Darlo full of miserable thoughts, I'll see your 'Bitching Bingo' and raise you a 'Praising Bingo'.

:D It's amazing that we're back in Darlington
:D A 3000+ crowd is phenominal
:D I love that I can get a pint in town and then walk to a game
:D What an entertaining game, our forward line is fantastic.
:D Our defence was right on it today, a much deserved clean sheet.
:D The potential of Blackwell Meadows is huge
:D We'll be getting our proper name back soon

Feel free to add more ;)

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