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Re: Official team photo

Post by Allan Quatermain » Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:15 pm

Darlogramps wrote:
Quakerlad wrote:Absolutely not saying that we should live above our means, and credit to TW for getting us within budget.

All I am saying is that I believe that many of the clubs around us have strengthened what were already decent squads, whereas us having to reduce budget has, in my opinion, made us weaker than last year, with replacement players not as good as those that finished last season. I agree, I may be proved wrong once the real games start, and hope I am.

This is reality without a benefactor. I hear too many people saying “ we will always be fan owned, even if it means we have reached our level” , “ never want another benefactor owner” etc. All I am saying is let’s not let the fan owned concept strangle us if after due diligence an investor opportunity comes along in the future. Unlikely as it is.
No one has ever ruled out having a single "benefactor" owner.

Just so long as they run us sustainably and sensibly. To pursue the likes of York etc, which is what you've said you want, would require us living beyond our means, regardless of the ownership model.

If a benefactor owner came and had us live within our means (which to me means spending the revenue we make, as opposed to an owner swallowing losses), we'd still have a similar budget.

So I don't see how you can complain we're not competitive, while at the same time want us to live within our means.

I'd much rather grow revenues through increasing crowds, sponsorship, selling on players etc, than place it in the hands of a single owner, who may or may not get bored with us eventually.
This !!
Alun's promise to the fans: “I’ll make sure I’ll bring players in that are value for money and I want players that want to play for Darlington Football Club, want to progress and move up the league and show the fans that passion.”

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Re: Official team photo

Post by HarryCharltonsCat » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:50 am

lo36789 wrote:I think York have the greatest resources in the division so should really win it this year. Outside of them as in previous seasons the full time sides have done well this year that is Southport, Brackley and Kidderminster (right?).

Chester won’t be any mugs. They have signed Simon Grand, Steven Howson and Scott Burton from Salford so have players who have proven they can win in this league and have topped up with Dan Mooney.

They are the five that I would tip to be up there. Beyond that I think we are as strong as anybody. I think that means I am agreeing with Darlogramps in terms of not top 5.
Think I'd add Alfreton into the mix. New manager knows how to get out of this league, and has signed many of the players that did it for him before.

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Re: Official team photo

Post by onewayup » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:18 am

I am pleased with the managers signing,s and am thinking about a top five Finnish, it is what it is,

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Re: Official team photo

Post by Emdubya » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:32 am

onewayup wrote:I am pleased with the managers signing,s and am thinking about a top five Finnish, it is what it is,
Much prefer a top five Swedish :lol: .

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