Styche and Ainge

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Re: Styche and Ainge

Post by Spyman » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:40 pm

Craig09 wrote:
beatroute66 wrote:
Craig09 wrote:Styche and ainge are too similar in my opinion and for me ainge is not mobile enough hes not fast enough to be a striker either so for me id put styche straight back in the team with syers or saunders up top with him
But Ainge's game is nothing to do with pace? :think:
Thats why we have not been scoring. Plenty of pace and engery up front on saturday and we bang in 3 ;-)
Only 4 teams have scored more than us in the League this season.

Even taking Saturday's scores out of the equation we'd be well in the top half on goals scored.
On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 10:25 pm, Darlo Cockney wrote:Sadly some people have nothing better to do that invent rumours.

We will be playing at the arena again next season - fact.

Quakerz - if you actually attended games and spoke to people you might actually find our facts, rather than spreading s*** on this board.


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Re: Styche and Ainge

Post by beatroute66 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:18 pm

Craig09 wrote:Thats why we have not been scoring. Plenty of pace and engery up front on saturday and we bang in 3 ;-)
To be fair, before Saturday, we'd scored 12 goals in 8 league games (1.5 per game) and Ainge had scored 3 of those having played 2.5 of those games at CH.

So 3 goals from 5-6 games up front for a side sat 18th/19th in the table (before Saturday) isn't bad at all.

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Re: Styche and Ainge

Post by HarryCharltonsCat » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:37 pm

loan_star wrote:
HarryCharltonsCat wrote:
loan_star wrote:
HarryCharltonsCat wrote:
loan_star wrote:Saunders is work in progress and isn't ready to lead the line every week. If we go to Southport and expect the same results with him then chances are we would end up disappointed. Its not fair to Saunders to keep him in when the likes of Styche is available, the pressure on him is big enough without having Styche breathing down his neck from the sidelines.
Styche is proven at this level and if he's available he plays IMO.
So when will Harvey be ready? He's not a kid anymore. He won't get better without games, and after a good performance like yesterday's, won't his confidence be sky high for next week? Like Styche himself, I say leave the team alone.
Well he's not ready week in week out just yet. He's made great progress lately but too much expectation could knock him back.
Surely he is ready for 2 games in a row, or he's wasting his time.
With the added pressure of Styche and possibly Ainge on the bench waiting to come on? Not fair on the lad. His Darlo career so far has been plenty of effort with not much end product. Expecting him to turn the corner so quickly is asking too much too soon in my opinion.
It's hardly Kane and Lukaku is it. Again, he's not 18. Why the mollycoddling? Having no trust in him is as likely to knock him back. And who said anything about relying on him week in week out. We don't have to. I think he earns the shirt for the next game. It's then up to him. I think you're overplaying the pressure he'll feel under. He's been around the first team for a couple of years now. He'll have been desperate to get a start, and i bet he's buzzing for Saturday.

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