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Re: Clubs finances

Post by lo36789 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:58 pm

SwansQuaker83 wrote:
QUAKERMAN2 wrote:60k god have we been ripped off by the rugby wonder we are struggling for cash.Shocked if that figure is correct.

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it is correct, I had a look back recently, I think Craig Stoddart made a list of highlights from the presentation DJ gave at the Dolphin, it was at least 60 grand, may have been slightly more, 60 something; 65 maybe.

I also remember although it may not have been from the Dolphin forum, that the rent at Bishop was 27k
Yes but remember at Bishop we didn’t get any revenue beyond gate receipts.

If we get >1.5k a game in bar receipts, hospitality, net increase in attendances and advertising then we are in a net positive position at BM.

Unfortunately a mixture of the quality of the facilities, relative performances on the pitch and broader negativity about the rugby club etc. has scuppered that. There is no way to really fix any of those things unless the owners of the club finance improvement and also become advocates for the club in the broader community.

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Re: Clubs finances

Post by jjljks » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:26 am

What about the lost income / compensation for the promised pre-season friendly at York when MG stabbed us in the heart last year? Doesn't compare to Scudamore's £5M brown envelope but we need every penny. I think we may have been misold PPI by our bank in the past.....signed Desperate Fan

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