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Re: Clark Keltie (the argumentative posts!)

Post by Jazz Maverick » Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:05 am

Christophano wrote: Give over.
I suggested it's not discussed further (as you say there will be a lawsuit), but you all insist on continuing the discussion.
The problem with Jazz's comment is that he doesn't state what he felt you'd lied about. Generally he's possibly right, as we all lie at times ("yes dear, of course I'll do the dishes" is my common one), but specifically we can't tell.
Jazz, any chance of a clarification?

For what it's worth (probably nowt) I'm not aware of any cases where you've lied, but I do tend to broadly disagree with most of what you say.
I was going to stay out of this and let bedale's strop burn itself out, but since you asked, I called him a liar because he regularly claims I say things I havent when he's losing an argument. When challenged on this he ducks away from it, only to try the same trick again a few weeks later when hes struggling again. Heres some examples of his fabrications - they took me all of 5 minutes to find which should tell you something about how often he uses the tactic:

Here is an attempt of his to claim I have said things I havent, and my rebuttals, which as usual he completely ignores


Here he is doing the same again, and my (ignored again) rebuttal


Here is an occasion he admitted lying


Theres probably loads more of these, these were just the first ones I came across. There are also occasions when Quakerz has justifiably accused Bedale of lying - he doesnt get threatened with court action though as bedale has always been oddly desperate for his approval. This can only lead me to believe that bedale's threats against me are the result of a spiteful, personal issue he has with me, and not any true wrong doing on my part.

He also likes to paint me as some kind of malignant, message board ogre who likes to ruin threads by throwing horrible unwarranted abuse at people. Its his 'woe is me, jazz is so nasty, i just want to debate' trump card. As is usually the case this is garbage, and here are a few threads that have been utterly destroyed by bedale appearing and instigating an argument - again, these were all easily find-able within a few minutes:


He can accuse me of allsorts, but Ive always said that all it takes is a quick look through bedale's post history to see what kind of guy he is on here.

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Re: Clark Keltie (the argumentative posts!)

Post by Fatty eats roadkill » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:04 am

Bedale, I think you need to stand back for a while and calm down. I stuck up for you earlier cos I thought a ban was pathetic. I think your ongoing litigation threats are misguided and do you no favours.

This is from someone who has had spats with Quakerz, jazz and yourself in the past. Sometimes it's better just to ignore things.

There is nothing slanderous or libellous in what I've just posted.
Waiting for Raj to shaft them!

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Re: Clark Keltie

Post by marcF008 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:16 pm

NonBrainZone wrote:
Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:15 am
That would be about right, banning harmless, knowledgable, forward Demenageurs pas cher thinking fans like bedaledarlo. One of the few sensible 1883 fans!
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