FA Turn Down Name Change Application

by Scott Thornberry - 23rd May 2014

fa turn down name change application

The FA council today rejected  Darlington Football Clubs application to drop the numbers 1883 from our playing name.

The Council’s decisions – carried by a vote of its members – came after recommendations from The FA’s Membership Committee. 

The whole 1883 thing is a bit of a joke if we are honest about this.  The name change was forced upon us after our football share was not given up in time by our previous owner.  Basically and bizarrely, the football share does not have to be owner by the football club and ours was owner by an individual. 

The club was demoted to the depths of the football pyramid and then given the news we had to change our name.  So lets have AFC Darlington, oh no, we were not allowed.  So 1883, the year the club was formed, was chosen.

Read more at http://www.thefa.com/news/governance/2014/may/fa-council-rules-on-name-changes?c=1#9GTqM3rsmQvCEiVh.99