Todd Wields Axe

by Scott Thornberry - 23rd July 2009

todd wields axe

Both wing backs were brought into the club in recent weeks but have failed to impress Todd during their brief stint.  It is tough on them considering they had faced Sunderland and Newcastle, but it was apparent quite quickly that they did not fit into the mould that Colin Todd wanted.

Speaking to The Northern Echo Todd said “I have made decisions on Ben and Craig.  But Bower and Arnison will be signed on which strengthens us, we have seen that. Bower and Arnison did extremely well.”

Todd will also not be pursuing his interest in Nick Chadwick, who played in last nights goalless draw at the Arena.

The gaffer also expressed concern at the Administrators who yesterday stated that we could start the season in administration.  With players at the club only being here on gentlemans agreements Todd is unhappy that his may cause unsettlement.  “We can’t be in admin by the time the season starts. We can’t alarm people and put things in people’s minds that are not right. We are all confident, but there has always been people negative. It’s the wrong thing to say. I’m just being honest.”

“I have said to them that we are vulnerable with scouts because the players are not signed on yet. But we could have something going here. We have agreed things with them all.”


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PierremontQuaker03 - 23rd July 2009 10:17:36

I have seen a quote on another website (loidland):

They came to me and said they felt it wasn't right for them to be at the football club. They felt they could have something better. That is football and that is players. It is up to them and they will look for another challenge," said Todd

Wonder if they were listening to the radio cleveland interview the other night!

I think they are both destined for non-league...if thats better!

StevieMardenboro - 23rd July 2009 10:30:00

Starosta is a young lad who seemed to do well at Brentford and Aldershot. I am sure he could eek out a lower league career.

While I think a lot of the abuse for James has been over the top, he is ultimately a player who would be given a torrid time by any league two side that attacked us. I can't seem him reaching this standard again.
The only times I saw him play well for Darlo were in games when we in complete control and he was going forward: Macc at home 4-0 and Lincoln away 3-1 the same season.

Feel much happier with Arnison and Bower even though they do both lack pace.

uncovered - 23rd July 2009 10:58:59

convenient that both players who Todd obviously didn't rate, suddenly decide that their futures lie elsewhere. strange that these two were reportedly offered contracts and it wouldn't have looked good if Todd told them he didn't want them after all. so from Todds point of view it is better for him if the players said they wanted to leave because it wouldn't look right in the eyes of the rest of the players at the club on gentlemans agreements.

Quakerz - 23rd July 2009 11:06:59

But it would also give the green light to go, for any player here who may be having second thoughts...

We already have stories saying scouts are looking at players, Norwich and Notts County are looking at Lumsdon, a quick scan of a Bradford board sees their fans clamouring to get Gary Smith signed, the vultures are circling already and everybody knows our players are there to be picked up.

And the administrators couldn't give a monkeys.

physio-kid - 23rd July 2009 11:22:52

have to agree, he may have shot himself in the foot by breaking a gentlemen's agreement with james and starosta, as we could lose other players who feel hw hasnt stuck by his word. But i feel todd knows wot hes doing and since those 2 have left, 2 more have come in and instantly a clean sheet appears!

he did what he needed to do, n lets hope he continues to do that!

Darlo_Chris - 23rd July 2009 13:16:44

According to Sky Sports, we have offered deals to Arnison and Bower