Singh Signs Deal

by Scott Thornberry - 25th July 2009

singh signs deal

Raj Singh this week told how he had stepped over the biggest hurdle in his quest to take over the club after signing the deal with George Houghton which will give him full control of the football club.

Talking to the Official website the teesside based millionaire said "This is the biggest hurdle as far as the takeover is concerned.  "A lot of things are starting to come together, which is very encouraging for us and our fans.

"Mr Houghton and I have now signed a deal for the takeover of the club, which includes separate deals on the stadium and the land, but it means I can already start to put a lot of things in place.

"We have two major hurdles to overcome now - one is with the league, but they're formalities as far as we're concerned, and the second is actually coming out of administration, which is a very complex process.

"We're working very hard with the administrators behind the scenes to get things done as soon as possible, and our target is to come out of administration before the start of the new season, at the very latest, so we can kick off the 2009-10 campaign knowing we're starting with a blank canvas.

"We're still not in a position to pay players or the management, but the manager has made verbal agreements with them and they're happy with that.

"It's just a case of preparing for the season as a club normally would, making sure the players are fit and ready, so once the season starts we'll be starting afresh on the field as well as off it."