Anthony Peacock Q&A

by Scott Thornberry - 5th April 2010

anthony peacock q&a

Darlington midfielder Anthony Peacock kindly took time out out to answer questions put to him by Darlington fans. This ia a regular feature on the site so keep your eyes peeled in the new year for our next victim.

Questions were left on a specially set up messageboard and I have set down the Q&A's as follows.



There seem to be two distinct 'camps' in regards to 'your' song - some
like it some hate it.

"What's it like to be Peacock?
What's it like to be small?
What's it like to be Peacock?
He's only 4 foot tall!"

How do you feel about this - when you hear it does it encourage you or
does it make you feel that you have something extra to prove?

Some people feel it might discourage you, though from what we have seen of you playing, you being not quite as tall as some of the other
players certainly isn't a disadvantage (I'm a small person myself, in
fact you are taller than me - good stuff in little bundles and all



No the first time I heard the song it just made me laugh, and it doesn't
have any effect on my confidence.


I went to the FA youth cup final which you played in last season .The
attendance was approx 16,000 - Was that the best atmosphere at a game you've played in ?

Yes the FA Youth Cup final and the game against Hartlepool are probably the best two games I have played in.



Do you think in a couple of years you will be back playing amongst
James Morrison and Stewie Downing in the premier league . (Even if it
isn't with Darlo ! )
Tough question! I don't really know, of course every player would love to be playing at that level, but, for me playing well for Darlington is my main objective and see how things go on from there

Anth you are a baby faced assassin so do you have problems getting served alcohol ? Or do you carry ID around at all times?
I carry my ID around with me in my wallet at all times just incase!!!!



What is your .....

Favourite prematch meal
'' '' drink '' '' ground
'' '' babe
'' '' album

Many Thanks


My favourite drink is water, fav ground would be Real Madrid's magnificent Bernabau Stadium, it is a place I would love to play. My favourite babe is Kelly Brook closely followed by Jessica Alba and fav album is 'the game'.


What do you feel is your best position
Most likely with three in the midfield or in the hole because then I can get forward alot more than with just two in the middle


Holding midfielder, attacking midfielder, or target man ?
Attacking midfield is my best position or even in the hole behind the

You have undoubtedly been our best player this season. What made you come to Darlo? Was Mark Proctor a big factor in your decision and also were there higher division clubs that wanted to sign you?
Obviously knowing Mark Proctor from a young age helped and the fact I am still close to my family and friends. There were other clubs who wanted me to go on trial but I wanted to stay as close to home as possible.


As a young professional footballer do you find it difficult not being able
to lead the "normal" teenagers lifestyle?

Not really, obviously when your mates are going out midweek and you have a game you cant go out, but we get plenty of time to socialise during the year and of course in the closed season.,


darlo_num_1 you forgive me for calling you a ballboy when I first met you face
to face oh the shame!!
Only if you buy me a drink in the bar afterwards!!

Do you think that Scott should now bear his cheeks in Binns window after saying that he would copy Bernie Slaven should you become a 1st team regular!
Ha ha ha I didn't know that he had said that but he should always hold up his end of the deal!!!


Anthony, You are doing a great job at Darlo mate, keep up the good work. What is the best thing about playing for Darlo, and the worst. Also which other player influences you most during a game, and why?
The best thing is that we try to pass the ball which helps me a lot. The
stadium is class compared to some the grounds I have played on this season. Definitely the worst is training in freezing cold weather but I suppose it's part of life. As far as on-field influences goes all the players try to help each other along but if I was to pick out one my central midfield partner.


As you may have read in the echo a few weeks back they suggested that you are capable of playing at a higher level than you do now, although your still very young and adjusting to being a profesional footballer many would agree.
My question is, if Darlo were to fail in being promoted this season, or even next, will you be staying or do you have your eyes set on bigger things? (no pun intended)

Personally I'd love you to stay and I think all would agree
At the moment I'm just happy to be playing first team football and haven't even thought about moving club, I'm happy where I am and enjoying my football and playing for Darlington. Obviously in the future I would love to play at a higher level, as I think every footballer would like to play at the highest level possible, but I'm still young and learning and don't have any intentions of moving.

Anthony, you may be smaller than my 5 year old nephew but you're a
fantastic player and hopefully will be at the club for some time. My question is as you're so small do you find that the other lads in the team look after you more on the pitch from the opposition?
dont think so, its 11 v 11 so I guess you have to be able to hold your
own on the pitch otherwise the team as a whole would struggle.

Anth you once told us that you got your boots from Mendieta from Boro have you got any other players gear and if yes who's
Yes I've got quite a few of the Boro's first team gear while I was there, stuff like shorts tops and boots.


Anthony thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions. I'd like
to ask you three questions myself.
Do opposition players try and wind you up during a match due to your size?
Since you got into the first team you've played nearly every game, have you found playing so many games over a fairly short period of time, very
Have you found it easy to adjust to the type of footie played at Division 2 level?

Players haven't tried to wind me up on the pitch yet but the fans have been giving there fair share.

Yes it is tiring as I'm used to only playing one game a week before I started playing first team, but it is all experience and hopefully I will only benefit from this.

Adjusting to Division Two football hasn't been too hard. There are slight
changes in the game as it's a lot quicker and you get less time on the ball. It's alot more energetic because the ball goes from one end to the other much quicker than it does at a higher level as they like to pass the ball alot more then just route one stuff.


Do you get fed up with these sizzest questions?
I do!
Not really they get a little boring as the same jokes get repeated but that's about it!


We hear Hodgy often saying how professional the club is with it's training regime, compared with other clubs at our level. How does our training
compare with Boro's and can doing training in a very professional way help to attract players to come and play for us?
No player wants to join an unprofessional club where things aren't done right. Darlo is very similar to Middlesbrough, obviously the facilities at
Middlesbrough are one of the best in the country, but the way both Darlo and Boro do things are very similar: eg, training sessions, stretching and having food available before and after training


Have you ever sampled the pre-match carvery"?

Yes it was very good, well worth a visit.