Sam Russell Q&A

by Scott Thornberry - 5th April 2010

sam russell q&a

Sam Russell has answered the questions put to him by the Darlo fans on this website. Many thanks go to Sam for taking the time out and I am sure you will find his answers very interesting.

We will be doing more of these Questions and Answers sessions during the course of the season.

Sams answers are in the grey boxes.


How do you think the legend Collett rates in the coaching side of goal keeping. Do you think we need someone more experienced?

Answer - Colly is a great lad and a fantastic coach, he's a legend at Darlo and we went through the same training and coaching at the Boro. He knows what all the keepers need to work on and keeps us on our toes



1) Which Darlo player is the biggest prankster?

Andy Collett is at it all the time as is Clark Keltie but to be honest we all wind each other up
2) What do you believe is the toughest game you've played for the club?
The games against Northampton and Grimsby at home stick out, I was a busy man on both occasions
Do you have any particular superstitions?

1) Whats the story behind choosing the number 23 shirt instead of the number 1?
I was given it while I was on loan to Scunthorpe and to be honest I've just kept it and no I'm not trying to copy Michael Jordan or David Beckham
2) Your a big favourite amongst the Darlo fans, whats your opinions on us, and do you get sick of the attention from the female support (my lass never shuts up talking about you lol)?
Never get fed up of the support from any of the fans, especially the ladies
3) Do you prefer to play home or away ?
At home, particularly with a big crowd, I would love to see the stadium full someday
4) Which Darlo game stands out most for you in our time here ?
My Debut against Grimsby, we won 1 nil it was a great day
5) We're you gutted not to of played in the Hartlepool game ?
You will not believe how much that annoyed me, being from the area I knew how important it was and I was so disappointed to miss out.

the cub would like to know who you would class as the most promising young player in the darlington squad?
We are fortunate that we have a few, Anthony Peacock is superb as is Carlos Logan and I think that Simon Johnson will be a fans favourite, he just needs time to bed in and I promise you will all be chanting his name.


darlo_num_1've been regarded as the best keeper in the league, and you were linked with clubs in higher divisons, what was it that made you stay?
I'm a local lad and that counts for a lot, but when the manager told me how important I was to the side and we discussed plans for the upcoming season I knew I had to stay


5) If you could have one current footballer (outside the Darlo squad) as a team-mate, who would it be and why?
John Terry, he's solid dependable and an amazing defender
6) And finally, who would win in a fight: Matt Clarke or Clyde Wijnhard?
I reckon Big Matt - he would have the reach advantage


Sam, did I spy you on TV earlier this year mooching around in the background in Psyche whilst *that* documentary was being filmed? I'm sure it was you...

Yes you did I really enjoy clothes shopping



Did you have a good night at Retro at Tall Trees? :o) Alcohol is the devils tool Sam.

Yes, everything in moderation



Which player has the worst dress sense?

Neil Wainwright has seriously bad fashion sense, Big Bert is never out of jogging pants, while Andy Collett still dresses like a 21 year old



My girlfriend would like to know if ur single or not? (honest)

Yes I am Single and open to offers
And can you remember winking at her while she walked behind the goal at Boston 2 seasons ago, cos she hasn't shut up about it since!
Also i've always wondered if you ever fancied taking free kicks or penalties cos you must be the best ball striker in the lower 2 divisions?
I would love to but I doubt the gaffer would allow me to cross the halfway line. I might try and head up to the opposition penalty box in the dying moments of a game if we are a goal down this season.



It's well known you are a Boro fan. What would it take for you to become a life-long Darlo fan?

Thanks for sticking with Darlo this season.

Being totally honest I am already there, the club and fans are superb and are very important to me



I know that your ambition is to play at a higher level, but can you see yourself at Darlo in I dont know say.. 4 seasons time??

Of course, why not, we've seen a few clubs recent get promoted and compete at a higher level and I think we can do that too.
Who is in your opinion the best player in our squad?
Apart from me, Joey H, Anthony and Ryan V would all get my vote



1) What part of your game do you need to work at most?

I'm not the biggest so I continually work on crosses.
 2) Was the fact that you live fairly local much of an influeance on you staying on this year?
Yeah, I have my own place, friends and family in the area. If I had to move I would have but I would have preferred to be here.
3) Do players try and wind each other up in the penalty area?
Without a doubt, Big Matt is always giving strikers jip
4) Who's been the biggest influence on your career so far?
My Dad, he was a keeper locally and it was his training that turned me into the keeper I am today
5) Do you think it's a good idea for players to meet the fans in the bars after the match?
Yes - we all do, the fans pay their money and are entitled to their opinion, it can be awkward after a defeat but they deserve the chance to air their views



1) what music would you like to run out to?

I love my R+B so something upbeat would suit me fine
2)what do you do over the summer when the season has ended?
Rest, relax and I even went on holiday with a couple of the lads in the summer
3)would you say you look after yourself during the season?
Very much so, I do the social stuff at the right times and never over indulge


2) Who is your footballing hero?
Juninho and of course Stephen Pears
3) Who's the longest in the shower at the club? (I know a straight crib from Soccer AM).
Me of course


1) When did you first start playing in goal? Was there any specific player who inspired you?
About 7 or 8, I was a good striker at school but my dad converted me into a keeper
2) Who do you rate as our most successful signing of this summer?
To early to say but Anthony and Carlos have done very well
3) A question to which you may not know the answer, but do any of your team-mates ever visit the messageboards? (I think Lidds was asked that by someone, but I can't remember what he said).
Many of them do but I don't think any post on here.
4) I know it's early days, but what do you predict as our final position this season?
Promotion is the aim and at least the playoffs

1.) Your passing ability for a goalkeeper is second to none - do you spend much time practising it? Did you ever play outfield as a youngster?
I practice all the time it's so important as I youngster I was a striker and was always kicking a ball against a wall
2.) Who are your best friends at the club and do you know any famous players in the game?
Joey and I'm really good friends with Stewart Downing
3.) There were several toungue-in-cheek comments about your mullett haircut in the programme last season, did you get much stick from other quarters about the hairdo and did they have any effect on your decision to get a new style for this campaign?
I cut it shorter but I do get a lot of stick, but believe me it looks great on a night out