Neil Wainwright Q&A

by Scott Thornberry - 5th April 2010

neil wainwright q&a

Quakerz Posted on 11/12 14:56

Is the cry from Darlo Fans this season.

What has caused your upturn in form this season? You have played well on the wing and up front so far, and shown moments of true quality.

Also, how are you enjoying playing up front? I must say, you look like a seasoned forward. Do you see a future as a striker, or are you looking forward to getting back on the wing?

And lastly Neil, good luck for this season, I'm really pleased for you that you seem to be re-capturing your best form.

 1) To be honest I can’t put my finger on why my form has changed for the better. I haven’t tried any less or done anything particularly different myself so maybe it was a confidence thing. Sometimes when you are low on confidence, the harder you try the worse it gets.

2) Thanks for saying I look like a seasoned forward, (I’ll pay you later) but I am loving it up front at the moment and am looking to try and score more goals to keep myself there. There isn’t a better buzz than scoring a goal and hopefully I can continue to contribute. I don’t know what my long term future as a striker will be but we will see how it goes.

 kingkev01 Posted on 11/12 15:33
3 questions

Q.1 neil wainwright r u happy at darlington

Q.2 neil wainwright r u happy playing up front or would u rather play in a diffrent position

Q.3 r u fully behind dave hodgson neil because i think u always play better under hodgson

 1) I am very happy at Darlington, although it would be even better if we were a fair bit higher in the table.

2) I am happy playing up front but I wouldn’t mind playing anywhere in the current formation apart from centre half or goalkeeper.

3) I am fully behind the gaffer, I think he will get the most he can out of the squad for the foreseeable future.

 luffk Posted on 11/12 16:16
How have you settled into the Arena? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You and the other players have now played quite a few games at our new home. Is there are real differences when you get out onto the pitch and start playing a game at the new ground as opposed to Feethams? Or is hard to notice when your out there playing and focused on the match?

Have you and the lads settled there now or does it still seem a bit weird?

Which do you enjoy playing at more? Feethams or the Arena?

Congratulations on your recent form along with the rest of the lads and best of luck at Cambridge on Saturday.

 1) I think the biggest difference we have had to get used to at the new stadium is the size of the pitch. It is massive, but apart from that the atmosphere is obviously different but I think once we are out there we are focused on the game.

2) I think the lads are pretty well settled now, and hopefully that will show in our upcoming home games.

3) Tough question. They both have their plus points. I loved playing at Feethams, which probably felt more homely but it is great to play on a superb surface in higher standard surroundings at the Reynolds Arena.

 Shrewsbury_Exile Posted on 11/12 16:26
Wainy questions

Having played for Sunderland and Darlo, how do you find the football experience in the northeast of england to be in comparison to when you played at Wrexham, Halifax and in general away fixtures?

What have been the most significant memories of your time at Darlington, and what events/moments have most made you smile.

 1) Basically, the biggest difference is the fans. They are a lot more passionate in the north east than anywhere else. I grew up in Liverpool and all my family are from there, and I would say the fans are cut from the same mould.

2) My most significant memories and the ones that have made me smile are one and the same. They would be scoring on my debut against Peterborough live on sky, scoring the last goal at Feethams and my goal last week against York.

 We_8_poolie Posted on 11/12 16:29
The White Henry ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hilight and lolight of your career so far.....?

What colour does those legs go when they see the sun for a period of time ?

 1) Highlight of my career: Last goal at Feethams. Lowlight of my career: having to watch the play-off final against Peterborough at home on television.

2)They go pink, then red, then white again.

 Darlo_Pete Posted on 11/12 17:51
Question for Neil

Neil thanks for going to the trouble of answering some of our questions. My question is, do you read the Darlo message boards & presuming you do, what do you think of them, have you ever posted a message & if you haven't, have you ever been tempted too.

Thanks again Neil

 1) I used to read the Darlo message boards quite a lot until I had a poor run of form, and for obvious reasons stopped logging on, otherwise I would be even harder on myself than normal. I am my own harshest critic. I have never posted a message but I have felt tempted when personal things off the field have contributed to my below par performance, yet messages appear saying I am not giving 100 per cent, but as I have said before the best thing is to stop reading them.

 QuakerDave Posted on 11/12 18:28
Question regarding Wainy's recent performance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When we first saw you arrive at DFC many were astounded by your performance, your popularity was second to none with the fans. When Hodgson wasn't there we saw you sidelined as a performance dip, when Hodgson came back recently your performance shot right back up. How big an influence is Hodgson on your on-field performance?

 1) David Hodgson has been a big influence on my Darlo career, I think mainly because of the style of football he likes. Passing is essential and it is more attractive to watch and enjoyable to play. Also, he is a tremendous motivator for a team and an individual.

 Danny_2k1 Posted on 11/12 21:21
David Hodgson --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We have seen an improvement in the teams performances since David Hodgson came back to the club. Has he made a difference to you as a player since he came back? and where do you personally think we will finish in the table this season?

1) as above

2) I can’t even begin to hazard a guess as to where we will finish but with the squad of players we have we shouldn’t be in the bottom half.

 shadyadie Posted on 11/12 23:00
Various Questions

Hi Neil,

1st of all, it's good to see the real Wainwright-wright back in good form, please score another on Saturday like the one against York! (Credit due to Bazza for his Cryuff impression!)

Here are my Q's:

Who do you room with on away fixtures?

Who has the worst habits & why?

From the heart which is the best club you have played for & why?

If your contract was up now, would you have signed up again?

What is your happiest moment so far with the Quakers?

Are we the best fans? (You don't have answer that one!)

Thanks & good luck for the rest of the season with the rest of the team.

 1) I always room with Craig Liddle on away trips. We are now two of the older members of the squad.

2) No comment and no comment!

3) Wrexham and Darlington are on a par for that one. Similar clubs in many ways, Wrexham gave me my start and Darlington gave me my comeback to league football when I was probably at my lowest.

4) Yes, I would. I am very settled in the North East and enjoying my football again.

5) Probably scoring against York last week.

6) Darlington fans have always been very kind to me so I would never say it was anyone else.

 Breedon Posted on 11/12 23:47
Question --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How does it feel to be playing brilliantly again after last season which was dissapointing other than the fantastic sub display in the final feethams game? You have gone from last seasons under par performance to being arguably our best player over the last couple of games...... (Can i also point out that a week on from that goal you scored i scored a goal on the hallowed turf...thanks!!! ;) )

1) It feels great to be playing a bit more like what I am capable of but I want to maintain that form and better.

 Flying_Saucer Posted on 12/12 11:18
Question for Neil --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The club has an impressive infrastructure, and a large catchment area. However, do you believe with steady progress, Darlington Football Club can ever be serious contenders of the North East Big Three?

 1) Very tough question! You are testing me today. I don’t think it could be done in a short space of time, but who knows what the situation will be in say, ten years time.

 TinShedDarloFan Posted on 12/12 11:54
Neil Wainwright - wright --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What has been your favourite goal you have scored for Darlington since you came??, the one against York was brilliant !!!!!

good luck witht he rest of the season Neil

 1) I think for the sheer importance it has to be the last goal at Feethams. A little bit of history no-one can take away from me.

 PierrmontQuaker Posted on 12/12 12:32

Did you feel you were not given a chance at Sunderland? I think Reidy signed you, but did not play you. And did your experience in Darlos play off season sway you to sign for us rather than for another team?

 1) You have picked a sore point here, I can tell you. Let’s just say I don’t believe I got a fair crack of the whip. I wasn’t allowed to develop particularly after my first season there, but at the end of the day that is in the past and I won’t get to change it, however much I regret it.

2) Enjoying my football as much as I did while on loan, when the chance came to sign permanently, I jumped at it. It is so much better when you are comfortable with the players around you and I was glad to be signing for Gary Bennett.

 Convery_Fan_Club Posted on 11/12 15:06
Two questions... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As a natural right-sided midfielder, what do you think of Mark Convery?

Also, you've played under four managers during your time at Feethams - David Hodgson, Gary Bennett, Tommy Taylor and Mick Tait. What were each of them like to play under?

 1) No Comment Scott, simply for the fact I would rather not analyse my teammates strengths and weaknesses. That is for the gaffer.

2) Tommy liked to play me one week and drop me the next which I found frustrating. Gary Bennett and Mick Tait were very similar, both mild mannered and really nice people, and very enjoyable to work with day in day out. Training is also very enjoyable with David Hodgson with more emphasis put on passing the ball well, and of course he is more outspoken than the rest.

 jim_dfcuk Posted on 12/12 15:24
question 4 Neil

which players in the current squad do you think could play for a bigger club in a higher divison, now or in the future?

good luck for the rest of the season

 1) No comment, for the same reason as above.

 Dave_9 Posted on 12/12 22:35
3 Questions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1) Do the players know much, or even anything about the black and white hooped tops that have been seen at matches in recent months?

2) What are you feelings about being the last man ever to score at feethams? (apart from breedon!)

3) Do you agree that Scotts 'hair' is a dodgy shade of green?

 1) I am not sure whether the players know what the hooped shirts are all about to be honest.

2) Great pride as I said earlier.

3) It depends what light he is standing in.

 oldboy_lincoln Posted on 12/12 23:12
Promotion: the secret?

Is it a good defence, a good attack, superior teamwork, better coaching or luck?

Why does a team just miss relegation one year look like a promotion team the next, when the players and management are the same?

What motivates you, money, winning, the manager or something else?

 1) and 2) Your guess is as good as mine on both counts. That is why football is such a great sport, it’s unpredictable.

3) My motivation is to win football matches, entertain people and make my family proud of me.

 Number_One Posted on 13/12 11:31
Q for Wainy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It's been mentioned in the past that you read the message boards so a couple of questions surrounding that.

Wihtout naming names, though would be good if you did, do any of the other lads read the message boards? and if so does it ever spark a discussion between players? also how much notice is taken of them, in particular if stick is being given out?

And finally, Matty made it clear he didn't enjoy playing up front, now your up there and appear to be revelling in it, what is your favourite position and why?



3) My favourite position is striker at the moment as that is where I seem to be playing best, and I like trying to force centre halves into making mistakes.

 siege Posted on 12/12 19:32
Re: Darlo Uncovered --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A couple for you:

1) Is there any truth in the rumours that you often visit this site and if so, do many other players do the same? (Mark Convery perhaps, just to get a regular ego-boost from his very own fan-club)
2) How great an honour is it to be on first name terms with the mighty Scott Thornberry and just how big an influence has he been on your career?

Well done on the form you've shown so far and hope it keeps going. You never know, you may be given a squad number in the first eleven next year!

 1) Already answered.

2) Definitely no comment Scott!!!!

 Shrewsbury_Exile Posted on 13/12 14:26
Another Neil Question --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Whats the funniest thing you have seen while playing for Darlo, either during the game or in the half time break? Has anything thats happened in the crowd ever made you smile?

How hard is it to concentrate on the football when the fans are protesting about off pitch activities, and when you haven't been paid on time?

GOod luck for the season

1) I can’t think of anything in particular.

2) It is tough coming in to training every day wondering whether you are going to get paid or not, particularly coming up to Christmas, but I think when it comes to a match day we have to put it to one side and perform on the day, which is hard, but has to be done.

 silverline Posted on 13/12 22:46
Question for Neil --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you could change anything you have done in your career, what would it be and why?

1) I wouldn’t change anything I have done in my career, what has happened has all been experience for me, whether it be good or bad. I might change a bad performance here and there but no major decisions that I have had to make.

Finally a little statement from Neil himself. " I would now like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to ask me a question and I hope you can all continue to give us plenty of support for the rest of the season. We are all in it together."