Tommy Wright Q&A

by Scott Thornberry - 5th April 2010

tommy wright q&a

Christina or Britney? (I'm not talking about music here)
Christina all day long...

Hi Tommy
Just wondering if you and Dave Penney have been away together on an all inclusive holiday during the pre-season. You both appear to be much larger than you were last season with fatter faces and pot bellies.
ha! no i didnt go away with the gafa and i can promise you ive never had a pot bellie...might even do a David Ginola and whip off the top to prove it now but im trying to cut the bookings out! i worked hard in the gym in the summer so not its not fat!

Which team would you most like to beat this season?

not sure just as many as possible. shame poolie arent in our league anymore...would be great for he fans

Who is the best and worst dresser in the team?
best dressers- Keltie, Andy Collett are not bad
worst dressers- Stockdale, Tim Ryan, Blundell...theres a few disasters!
Who is the best prankster in the team?
pranksters- Blundell, Ryan and Ravenhill

Who has the best and worst hairdos in the team?
Best hairdo's- all pretty bad
Worst- Kev Burgess's army cut!

Good luck for the new season. Good to have you in black and white.
Quick question. What steps have you taken to ensure your red and yellow cards are kept to a minimum next season? As one of our key strikers next season, it is obviously vital you are not suspended.
Cheers for spending time answering our questions.
Up the Darlo!
I know i need to control that side of my game and its not as though i go on a pitch wanting to get booked and then missing games because of it. Obviously i'll do my best to stay out of trouble

Who is the toughest defender that you have played against, and why?
Ive played against some really tough defenders, Morgan at Sheff Utd was very physical but i like the physical side of the game and wont shy away from anything. Defenders are alright kicking lumps out of strikers but dont expect it back!

hi tommy I were wunderin wot dus it feel lyk playin for a side lyk darlo n wot made u cum 2 darlo by leaving Barnsley n du ya fink darlo well push for promotion dis season or du we av 2 wait anutha season for it.

Barnsley changed managers and i wasnt happy or settled there. for whatever reason it never happened there. i was in and out the team to much. i'd never stop believing in myself and i know i'll play at that level again. but for now im concentrating on playing reguarly and scoring my goals and dont see why we cant go up this year

Is the Arena good or bad for the club?
i enjoy playing in the arena, it was strange at 1st obvoiusly cos we dont fill it but its always nice to play in nice stadiums! the capacity's probably a bit to high but never mind!
Do you enjoy playing at the Arena?
i do sometimes.
Do you ever read this messageboard?
think you'll find alot of the lads do. my family and friends read it alot and if theres something on here about me i normally get to hear about it!
Thanks for taking time to answer our questions.

Q tommy can i ask u were u think darlo will finish this season and were u hoping we finish.
play-offs at the very least. hopefully automatic. ive experienced promotions in both the play-offs and automatic and can promise you its a great day out if you win but cant imagine the feeling if we lost!
Q How many goals u hoping to score for darlo this season tommy.
i think 15 is realistic seeing as theres alot of competition for a starting place

What did you make of Bushead ruining your holiday?
ha! busheads harmless. he was away with a great set of lads and had a good crack with them all.
And did you play against Sunderland?!
yeh i ive heard about this. my family and friends read the messageboards and keep me updated!

Just a few questions
Why did you join darlo?
Signed because i knew a little bit about the manager, play in a great stadium and have good training facilities and feel its a club on the up.
What is your personal target this season? E.G automatic promotion, play offs How do you think we'll do next season?
promotion has to be the aim this season and dont see why its not a realistic one

What did Dave Penney and the club say to you to persuade you to join and were there any other offers on the table at the time of the move to Darlo?
I had a few options, very nearly signed for Rotherham and Notts County showed and interest but when I spoke to Dave Penney on the phone and having nearly signed for him at Doncaster two years earlier it just felt like the right move for me. its along way away from home but thats probably a good thing cos ive not got as many distractions from my footy

Tommy in action against Middlesbrough
Wheres it gone?
Fancied a change! the managers told me ive got to keep it cos it makes me look harder apparently so we'll see how long it lasts!

Ok, whats the funniest thing you've ever heard sung/shouted while playing for darlo.?
You dont really hear much while your playing. heard a few boos towards the end of last season...! but nothing really stands out

Wright and Blundell

who would you rather play along side Blundell, Abbott or Joachim
all three have different types of games and theres ian harty aswell who's similar to JJ. I dont mind aslong as i get my game

What are your early impressions with the new signings that Dave Penney has brought in over the pre season?
i've been impressed with all the new signings. obviusly i see them on a day to day basis and the fans havent really seen much of them due to injuries but we're looking good in training and hopefully we'll take that into the new season

Pink or brown?
take what you can get... ;)

What was JJ like to play along side. Do you reckon he is a sulky get?
Does it make you play harder to think he is a lazy sod and we spent 100K on him?
JJ's a great player, its not a strong point in his game but he gives things i probably dont. every players different

Tommy is sent off away at Barnet after 46 seconds
How did you feel after your sending off at Barnet. Did you feel it was a harsh decision?
i was devastated, the lowest ive ever felt on a football pitch, felt i let everyone down but i can honestly say i didnt mean to elbow the lad. i jump with my arms purely for elavation and the manager knows that so yes i did feel hard done by but i did catch the lad in the face.

Where do you think you can improve to consistently play for Darlington?
im 22 so im no way the finished article so i'd say everything about my game can still improve. all i can do is train hard and hopefully play consistanly and see how many goals i can score. not really ever played consistantly at a club so looking forward to that this season but its up to me to stay in the team

Would you put money on Darlo to go up this season.... and how much if so?
not that im a betting man obviouly but i honestly fancy our chances. we've definately got a stronger squad than last year and i dont think the gafa's finished signing players just yet. reckon a couple more signings atleast

Is it true dwight yorke personally applauded you after the game with s.a.f.c ?..
If he did i didnt notice it! if he did im honoured as he's a quality player and has played at the highest level

Which is your preferred system 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 to play in as a striker and why?
Cheers Tom, all the best for this season. Here's hoping you score a bagful for us.

played most of my career in a 4-4-2 and i'd imagine most of the lads would tell you they feel more comfortable in that formation, but obviously sometimes you need to mix things up but to be honest dont care what formation we play aslong as im in the team!

Have you set any targets on how many goals you think you will score? also do you think we will go up?
we've got a massive chance of going up this year, think the gafa's brought some good players in, you probably havent seen the team that will probably start the 1st game yet as theres been so many injuries to key players but in training the lads are looking good

who is your best mate witin the Darlo Squad?
Who are the quietest and loudest members of the squad?
cheers fella and good look!!!!
get on really well with all the lads to be fair, i live with stockdale so spend alot of time with him. glad to hear ian millers coming back as we've kept in contact since he left and get on well

How many goals yer gonna bang in tommy....being realistic could darlo expect 35 to 45...good luck tommy...
not sure 35-45 is realistic but maybe if i start counting the goals i score in training then should be close! atleast 15 is my target

Neil Austin
Which Darlington squad member has impressed you most in pre season and Why?
i'd probably say Neil Austin, played with him at Barnsley and he's a quality defender. can play anywhere in the back 4 and think he'll be a big player for us this season

Just wondered how you feel about having your kit sponsored by Northern Echo journalist and Uncovered FC stalwart Dan King, given that his past record suggests that the sponsored player is cursed to either be got rid of within weeks (Ton Kaak), be utterly rubbish (Mark Convery) or suffer lengthy injuries (Martin Smith) among others. Are you confident you can break the curse of the King or will you be playing for Billingham Synthonia by Christmas?
Not sure about how i feel about that actually, he must of forgot to tell me that...! looking forward to breaking the curse

How does it feel to be one of our longest serving players?
quite strange considering i only signed in January myself but i feel ive settled in now and looking forward 2 the season starting




1.) What prompted the skinhead cut?
done it a few times now and quite like it

2.) How did you feel when you left your boyhood team Leicester a few years back?
i loved playing for leicester and would of loved 2 stay there but it was time 2 leave and kick start my career as i was on the fringe of the squad at the time i left and wanted regular football

3.) Who are the best players you've played with and against?
with- David Bentley for England, Muzzy Izzet for Leicester
against- Jon Woodgate, Harry Kewell, Robbie Keane-Leicester debut Vrs Leeds

4.) Do you prefer the ball played to your feet or in the air?
Either just nice to get a touch of the ball!

5.) Having moved around quite a lot already in your career, including loan moves, do you feel settled at Darlo?
Yes i feel very settled, ive moved around more than i would of liked but thats football and as i said all i want to do is play reguarly

Cheers for taking the time to answer everyone's questions.