Rochdale Fans Special

by Scott Thornberry - 14th April 2010

rochdale fans special

Darlington headed over to top of the table Rochdale facing almost certain relegation.  Dale, if results went their way, could have been promoted the same night.  But still the Darlo faithful headed over the pennines to support their team and Les Hodge has sent us over a few Fans Photos, to commemorate the night Darlo were officially relegated from the football league.

Due to a request not to feature on these photos in the past, Uncovered has had to doctor one of the images but we thank les for taking the time to pass on these photos.













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Darlo Fonz - 14th April 2010 11:21:02

Looks like a canny few went aswell :thumbup: :clap: How many was there?

rj50 - 14th April 2010 11:36:04

Nice to see the "Three Amigos"from Northallerton.The paper bag Fooking Great Les.

Darlo_Pete - 14th April 2010 12:11:34

I'm pleased that someone has got a sense of humour. :D

loan_star - 14th April 2010 12:54:37

Its amusing how pete didn't mind getting interviewed for telly but doesn't want his face appearing on here!! :lol:

d5rlo - 14th April 2010 12:59:19

Well done Scott for hiding the identity of The Fonz, obviously it would not have been a case of 'Happy Days' had his face been shown.

collett_for_england - 14th April 2010 14:00:03

There's a paper bag blocking my view!!

RUMPLESTILTSKIN - 14th April 2010 14:14:49

rj50 wrote:Nice to see the "Three Amigos"from Northallerton.The paper bag Fooking Great Les.

But the gut still gives it away. :lol: