Darlo 0 Grimsby 2

by Scott Thornberry - 25th April 2010

darlo 0 grimsby 2

Well what can you say, we are already relegated, injuries galore and nothing but pride to play for.  Unfortunately we don't do pride at Darlo, we leave that to the Brighton lot, so it was a terrible 2 goal defeat at home as thos season peters outs, well it never got going at all if we are honest. Due to the injury situation Darlo were only able to name 5 substitutes.

After the game manager Simon Davey made no excuse for his players performance. “They have to be able to do their jobs for 90 minutes and they are bottom of the league because they can’t.

“It’s not as if Grimsby carved us open. We pressed the self destruct button.

“I’m disappointed for the fans because they don’t deserve that. There’s a lot of work for me to do in the summer.”


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