Grimsby Fans Photos

by Scott Thornberry - 25th April 2010

grimsby fans photos

A crowd of 1911 packed themselves into the Darington Arena with around 500 Mariners making up that total.

It was yet again another poor performance for the home fans to endure and the end of this season cannot come soon enough.

Les Hodge brings us some fans photos which are a favourite on this site.












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rj50 - 25th April 2010 21:09:46

Great pictures Les,again in all bar two pics fans from the Metropolis of Northallerton in the County of Yorkshire.

Santino - 26th April 2010 06:04:54

Nice to see this feature again :thumbup:

wylam_rangers - 26th April 2010 11:39:18

Good to see it back.

No hiding at home on the sofa now - eh Qz? :thumbup:

Markodarlo - 26th April 2010 12:03:34

Im donr seem to be able to find Darlopete on there though, was he keeping a low profile!