Car Boot Sale Return

by Scott Thornberry - 28th April 2010

car boot sale return

Popular car boot sales will return to the Northern Echo Arena after Darlington Borough Council approved the club’s application to hold them again.


The weekly boot sales, which will be held every Sunday beginning on May 16, will be held by the club in partnership with the council and will be the only boot sales being held in the town.

The Northern Echo Arena car park will accommodate around 100 sellers (costing £10 per car) and up to 750 parking spaces for bargain-hunters, with a £1 per person admission fee.


Raj Singh, Darlington’s chairman, said: “We’re always looking at ways of maximising the Arena and getting as much out of our biggest asset as we possibly can. 

“This is an ideal way for the club to earn some extra cash on a day when we wouldn’t normally earn anything. Currently there aren’t any car boot sales in Darlington so we’re confident they’ll prove to be very popular, and we’re grateful to Darlington Council for granting the permission.


“We’ve been liaising closely with the council recently in trying to repair the relationship between the club and the council and I‘d like to think we’ve made some very positive strides with them.


“It’s important that the club enjoys a good working relationship with the council and this agreement demonstrates that.”


The car boot sales are only for the sale of second hand goods by private members of the public. Sellers will have access from 8.30am and buyers will have access from 10am until 3pm, and are advised not to arrive early.

Refreshments and catering will be on site while stewards will also be on duty.



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backdoormick - 16th May 2010 19:30:26

Visited the car boot at the stadium today and what a pleasant surprise, parking no problems,stewards friendly and approachable and a nice relaxed atmosphere. not too much of the pushing and shoving you normally have to endure at overcrowded, overpriced booties.
Entry was a respectable £1 per person and the day seemed to go very well, i will certainly be returning.

AnthonyP - 16th May 2010 20:20:49

Me too. Had a good 45 minute wander round. Plenty of people there until after 11.30am and the corner bar was doing a roaring trade in £2.95 burger, hot dogs and (until they ran out of bacon) bacon sandwiches. A very good source of additional income during the summer.


1Superlidds - 17th May 2010 08:32:22

seemingly 'its only 60p entry at Sedgfield' ....the moon on a stick springs to mind with some people

robbiej - 17th May 2010 10:18:14

1Superlidds wrote:seemingly 'its only 60p entry at Sedgfield' ....the moon on a stick springs to mind with some people