New Shirts Unveiled

by Scott Thornberry - 29th July 2009

new shirts unveiled

Darlington Football Club have revealed the new designs for their replica shirts which have gone down a treat with the fans.  The new 'all yellow' away kit will not be to everybodies taste but at least it is something different.

After revealing a couple of months ago that the hoops were being dropped the club had thought the decision would not go down too well with us.  But after explaining the reasoning behind it then we had no quarms.  Thankfully the new design, manafactured by Errea, looks very stylish and is sure to fly off the shelves when they come into stock in September.

Managing Director Graham Fordy, who worked for Errea after leaving his post at Middlesbrough several years ago, told the official website "The new design is a very bold design and we are sure it will go down well with the fans."

"We're well aware that the shirt does not replicate the black and white hoops of previous years, but we've done our market research, consulted with fans and we think it will be a very popular kit. This is a new beginning for the football club, in more ways than one, and so we felt it was important that the team were in a new strip this season."

"Colin Todd and the players are extremely keen on the new design as well, which always helps! The team's kit has just been completed, and we're already in the process of making the new shirt available to fans as quickly as possible, hopefully by September."

Mr Fordy added: "It's been very difficult to negotiate a deal with Errea under the club's recent circumstances, but I'm delighted they're now on board with us and we look forward to working with them over the coming years." I previously worked very closely with Errea during my time with Middlesbrough and I'm confident they eventually will produce a range of kit, training and leisurewear which will do down well with our supporters."

"Errea is a big company with a worldwide client-base and a superb reputation, so we're delighted to be working with them and we look forward to them bringing their expertise to Darlington."

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fat tony - 29th July 2009 11:08:35 ... 28,00.html

uncovered - 29th July 2009 11:12:03

have to say that I quite like it.

beatroute66 - 29th July 2009 11:13:29

*putting annoyance at no hoops aside* yeah, it looks canny.

fat tony - 29th July 2009 11:16:15

Lack of any red other than the badge will make the arena seats look even more silly.

I think its pretty smart though, quite like the gold trim.

DIRTYDAVE - 29th July 2009 11:16:39

LOVE IT ! :thumbup: BUT available for retail in september is bit of long wait :thumbdown: still buying it tho :wave:

DIRTYDAVE - 29th July 2009 11:18:33

[quote="fat tony"]Lack of any red other than the badge will make the arena seats look even more silly.

could have the numbers on the back red ! :wave:

Earl_Lee_Dawes - 29th July 2009 11:22:15

It says that fans were consulted on the new kit. I don't recall any consultation. Having said that, it looks OK, but I still prefer hoops!

Magical Quakers - 29th July 2009 11:23:52

Yeah I like it too, looks very smart and is actually different as the past 2 or 3 have just been slight variations on the same theme.

Hilly - 29th July 2009 11:29:52

Looks tip-top if you ask me.

dickdarlington - 29th July 2009 11:31:58

Yeah, which fans did they consult? Because it wasn't Darlo fans.

I think it looks really smart. Hopefully with black shorts, though we've been advised that they are white. I like the fact there is very little red on it. Red is the colour of boro. Blue is the colour of Pools. Black and white are the colours of Darlo (along with some pub side further north :-D)

I don't mind having the odd season here and there with no hoops on our kit. As long as they keep reverting to our unique style afterwards.

eddierowlesbeard - 29th July 2009 11:33:50

It could have been a lot worse....

Ned_Flanders - 29th July 2009 11:35:33

Love the new top , it looks great !!! Although i dont know how Mrs Flanders is going to keep it white after a days session . :thumbup:

SteveSC - 29th July 2009 11:37:06

Personally if we are going to have a plain white shirt (ie no hoops) then lets have a plain white shirt - could do without the black sleeves

Sorry just an old fogey remembering when a white shirt meant just that - a plain white shirt, maybe a club badge and nothing else - but then along came sponsorship, replica shirts and plain wasn't acceptable any more - had to have some fancy bits so you could change them every season and ask the mugs (sorry loyal fans) to buy yet another club shirt

RH79 - 29th July 2009 11:39:37

It looks ok but it isnt hoops. I hope we get back to hoops asap. Not sure who they consulted with. Wonder what the quality is like. I know Boro fans who wwere never happy with the quality of Errea stuff.

mikkyx - 29th July 2009 11:44:25

I like it. Shame we couldn't keep the hoops but it's still a nice design. I'll look forward to picking one up in September :)

dfc1883 - 29th July 2009 11:45:57

I like it too, thumbs up to the gold piping, it could be an interesting change to have white shorts with this too.

Is it a mistake that there's no red D on the sponsor?, I like the look without to be honest, but I can't see DBS liking not having their logo on there.

Geordie Quaker - 29th July 2009 11:48:53

Liking the gold trim, moving back towards the yellow ISL days!

Have to agree with Dicky Darlo above, black shorts are a must.

Pink away shirt in the same design lads? :D

Makka Pakka - 29th July 2009 11:51:55

As I thought, it is the "Klimt" design from the Errea website. It's ok, just thought the Parma design would have been more striking. At least it's not stripes.

Earl_Lee_Dawes - 29th July 2009 11:52:47

Geordie Quaker wrote:Liking the gold trim, moving back towards the yellow ISL days!

Have to agree with Dicky Darlo above, black shorts are a must.

Pink away shirt in the same design lads? :D
As long as the away shirts don't have banana yellow stripes, I don't mind what colour they are!

dfc1883 - 29th July 2009 11:58:31

An away shirt in the colour of the gold trim would be quite nice, and a nice change from straight red or yellow.

Quakers23 - 29th July 2009 12:00:31

Looks class, especially like the gold touches, I think it will be a hit. I'll definately be getting one!!!

Lawman3 - 29th July 2009 12:03:07

It looks very average, to be honest. Still, mustn't grumble - the fact we still have a team to support should be celebrated.

Norm_D_Ploom - 29th July 2009 12:30:14

I don't dislike it, but as Steve SC says if we are to wear a white shirt, plain white would be better, although I could cope wit red / black C & C's

However I don't like the gold trim, our traditional colours are white & black with red as our change strip, so if we must have a trim it should be red.

Hope it is black shorts & socks, but again I could cope with white if they had a black stripe / black tops.

All in all we have worn a lot worse, and it compares well to last seasons shirt which I dind't like all that much.

Darlo_Fanatic - 29th July 2009 12:31:08

I like it, it looks very smart and i shall be buying one when there go on sale

Quaker_London - 29th July 2009 12:35:33

Looks good.

Quick question, I know errea do those shirts that are pretty high in the nylon count so they are skin tight, like alot of the italian teams and more recently- Spurs. Hard to tell from the graphic but this does look a bit like one?

Anyone know if thats the case?

wylam_rangers - 29th July 2009 12:36:55

Earl_Lee_Dawes wrote:It says that fans were consulted on the new kit. I don't recall any consultation. Having said that, it looks OK, but I still prefer hoops!

If my memory serves me right, when they realised we couldn't have hoops this year, the club said that fans will be consulted over a kit involving hoops next year.

That said, the fans meeting with Raj a few weeks ago involving the Trust, Supporters Club + I think Scott was there? - might have discussed kit.

If anyone on here has been involved I'm sure we'll get to hear.

cwisstoffhur - 29th July 2009 12:43:55

i like :D

Spyman - 29th July 2009 12:53:28

I like it, although it does make us look like Derby County.

divas - 29th July 2009 12:57:34

i think it looks great, nice to have a break from the hoops, it was getting a bit monotonous as you cant really do a lot with hoops.

i also like the gold piping, makes for an interesting change, tradition is all well and good, but every teams kits change over the years.

ive been wearing a 2005 hoops kit for the past 4 seasons as i didnt see enough change in the shirt to warrant buying another, i WILL be buying this one tho.

quite similar to the xara 02/03 shirt but with gold piping instead of red, and from the pictures it looks like its a well manufactured kit, really proffesional looking, a return to the round neck too....i love it!

also very good to see DBS still backing us

and finally credit to Graham Fordy for brokering the deal with Errea - his contacts with them have obviously helped a great deal.

TinShedDarloFan - 29th July 2009 12:58:20

Got to say that Top looks very very smart, ill certainly be getting one when it comes out

KCChiefs - 29th July 2009 15:49:53

Simple and Superb ! love the gold touches, reminds me of the 99/00 season, will look good with black or white shorts

bigbusterbrowne - 29th July 2009 16:18:05

Nice, I like that bit different to the last couple, can't wait till sept.

QuakerPete - 29th July 2009 16:38:36

Not a big fan of the hoops (though I know it's unique), just think this plainer shirt looks more professional. Think they should have had plain black socks with it though.

StevieMardenboro - 29th July 2009 17:12:01

I like it. Looks decent and reminds me a bit of the 99/00 shirt and the Spurs kit when they ran Arsenal close for 4th spot a few years back.

As much as I loved the shirt last season I think I will forever associate it with Houghton, admin and a summer of chasing shadows and worrying about the Wearside league.

A new kit for a new beginning!

TwoSaints - 29th July 2009 17:24:30

That is very nice, I was dissapointed as anyone to see the hoops were being dropped, but that is very nice :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

darlogav - 29th July 2009 17:37:10

On first impressions I think this is the nicest top I've seen us wear. As someone mentioned I always thought the hoops looked a bit tacky/unprofessional. Know there are those that strongly disagree but I think it's class.

Don't buy the shirts too often but will definately be getting one now. Roll on September.

TFDM - 29th July 2009 18:04:21

Few more pics in the gallery below everyone: ... 04,00.html

uncovered - 29th July 2009 18:06:32

i don't know how it will look but I wouldn't have the hooped socks, just plain black would look better. I guess the club thought the hoops would keep some of our tradition maybe.

trotskycat - 29th July 2009 18:09:10

In view of the circumstances I'll accept it - BUT - next year back to Hoops please Mr Fordy!!!

DIRTYDAVE - 29th July 2009 18:21:33

thats how it should wear like it ! :wave: still looks good :thumbup:

DL5 - 29th July 2009 18:28:53

Much better than I thought it would be, I hope the material is decent. I liked the hoops but maybe a break was needed

Shieldsy - 29th July 2009 18:31:21

I think it looks very smart and I'm glad that they chose to have black shorts instead of white. I will definitely be picking up a shirt as soon as I can.

Is the away shirt based on the same style?

Darlo_Chris - 29th July 2009 18:44:53

I am very impressed with the new shirt. I will be purchasing one when they come out.

real_darlo_85 - 29th July 2009 18:51:39

This kit looks really good. Yeah, we don't have the hoops - yet - but I think that a lot of credit should go to Mr Singh and Mr Fordy for getting this produced under the circumstances and I think that it is actually a nice touch with the hooped socks.

Initially I was thinking twice about getting a new shirt this coming season.....however this is definately a new shirt I'll be purchasing and befitting of a new and hopeful era!!! :thumbup: ONWARD AND UPWARDS, COME ON DARLO!!!! :D

TFDM - 29th July 2009 18:54:39

I didn't get one last season but will this time.

Wasn't too fussed with last seasons initally as I thought the red was too much. However as the season wore on it really grew on me and I'm not sure why I didn't get one.

This season is a definate purchase however as I was really impressed when I saw it this morning. Good stuff indeed. Hopefully it will be out in September before I fly off on holiday.

Notts_Quaker - 29th July 2009 19:02:19

Very smart indeed! I'm really impressed. :thumbup:

Oh and as for consulting the fans, i think the consultation was when they said we weren't going to be having hoops.

doc_64 - 29th July 2009 19:19:56

must admit i like it, will be getting one myself when they come out :thumbup:

tdk1 - 29th July 2009 19:27:33

Very simple, very straightforward, very nice. Thumbs up from me.
Maybe even go back to the classic narrow hoops design next time?

Anyone know for sure what colour the away kit is going to be?

DFCAnth - 29th July 2009 19:32:25

Yellow away kit.

Not keen on the hooped socks like.

the darlo ranger - 29th July 2009 20:07:47

Really smart i think, well done to all those involved :clap:

darlocraig - 29th July 2009 20:19:08

I love this new shirt and agree with people about it looking like the 99/00 shirt (which is one of my favourite darlo shirts ever)

Well done to all involved :clap: I will most certainly be buying this in september

I hope the team is as good as they will look :!: :?: :!:

Beano - 29th July 2009 20:32:34

Rarely buy the shirts, but I really like this one. Hopefully the training kit will be of a similar standard.

Any news on an away shirt?

al_quaker - 29th July 2009 21:14:45

I like it. Might pick one up depending on the quality of the material.

supermariodorner - 29th July 2009 21:56:51

well done mr singh, it looks a classic to me!

jqm18287 - 29th July 2009 22:07:08

I haven't bought a Darlington shirt in well over a decade but I might just buy one this year. It looks good. Not too fussed on the hooped socks but I doubt I will be wearing them to matches this coming season.

quakerfan - 29th July 2009 22:10:13

OK I'll give it a thumbs up, but like a lot of others I do have a thing about the hoops , it's something that seems to mean the quakers . Hope it comes with black shorts.

DenesideQuaker - 29th July 2009 23:05:24

I really like it. I hate the hoops. No matter what people say, we have had non-hooped shirts for more years than we've had hooped ones and so are not a tradition on Celtic proportions.

I'm really pleased we've dropped those horrible hoops albeit probably unfortunately temporarily.

darlopaul - 30th July 2009 00:02:26

I'm with Deneside Quaker on this one. Thank God someone will share the flack with me!

Hoops are for eggchasers, Celtic and QPR. And maybe Reading at a push.

Anyway, I love the new shirt, but quite frankly as long as we play in black and white with the DFC badge on I'm not bothered. But the hooped socks? Naaah!

Duffelcoatman - 30th July 2009 06:31:01

Looks really smart, like it. Job well done considering the time-frame and the difficulty in sorting out bespoke designs contracts etc. Just happy we have a club to watch so not too fussed about losing the hoops.

Not sure how many seasons in our history we have actually worn hoops. Any budding Frank Tweddle's out there to enlighten us?

RH79 - 30th July 2009 07:05:35

I have to say ot is growing on me! I took another look last night when i got home form work and the design looks good! I might even buy one!

Quakerz - 30th July 2009 08:20:28

I think somebody posted about a week ago that in the last 100 years it is about 50:50

darlomilo - 30th July 2009 08:26:50

very nice :)
carn't wait to get one.

wardie - 30th July 2009 08:32:21

Love the new shirt much better then the hoops

TinShedDarloFan - 30th July 2009 09:32:21

50 years wearing hoops, 52 without hoops, buti could only trace it back till 1910

sloth2 - 30th July 2009 10:39:06

Wonder how long it will take them to get me one to Australia this time

Hopefully it won't be around 18 months like last time


Anonymous - 30th July 2009 12:58:09

Duffelcoatman wrote:Looks really smart, like it. Job well done considering the time-frame and the difficulty in sorting out bespoke designs contracts etc. Just happy we have a club to watch so not too fussed about losing the hoops.

Not sure how many seasons in our history we have actually worn hoops. Any budding Frank Tweddle's out there to enlighten us?
check this out for history of kits. ... index.html

There is some beauty's from back in the day with certain teams

Duffelcoatman - 30th July 2009 22:33:46

fcdarlo wrote:
check this out for history of kits. ... index.html

There is some beauty's from back in the day with certain teams
Cheers that site is wicked. I like that Newcastle were red and white stripes before they became united back in the day. Have lost an hour or so there like, nice find. :thumbup: