Hold On To Your Ribs!!

by Scott Thornberry - 4th October 2010

hold on to your ribs!!

Former Darlington manager Simon Davey has been sacked by Hereford United.  The gutless coward left The Quakers in the summer under a cloud after tendering his resignation by email whilst coaching in the states for Paul Scholes.

24 hours before his resignation it came to light that the Hereford chairman had told one of their fans that Davey was to become their manager.  In a fixing scandal that the Pakistani cricket team would have been proud of, Davey duly resigned from his post at Darlington.  Then the confusion started, he stated in his e-mail, yep he sent the club an e-mail, he stated the reason for him leaving was he was offered a coaching job in America that he could not turn down.

It was strange as everybody expected him to announce he was leaving for Hereford United, but we may have got things wrong.  But no, low and behold a few days later he was unveiled as The Bulls new gaffer and his lies carried on.  H claimed that Hereford contacted him after he left Darlo, strange that one!

Anyway Darlo fans forgave and forgot, yeah righto! and wished him well in his new post.  Unfortunately things have not gone too well for him at The Bulls, much to our amusement.  He further rattled out cages when Domink Werling told the club he wanted to leave.  Werling alledgedly stated that his mother had cancer and he wanted to find a club close to her germany home.  Darlington allowed Werling to buy out the remainder of his contract on the understanding that he found a club abroad.  Once again in steps Simon Davey, and Werling signed for Hereford the next day.

Good look to you Mr Davey sir, the saying 'what goes around comes around' springs to our minds.


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QuakerMatt - 4th October 2010 19:20:55

That bald patch has clearly increased in recent weeks :lol:

alleztfc - 10th October 2010 09:29:38

Good news for Darlo.
He might want to come back now :thumbup: