Tommy Wright Wallpaper

by Scott Thornberry - 17th October 2010

tommy wright wallpaper

Darlo Uncoveredhas created a new updated Tommy Wright wallpaper for 2010 using one of Les Hodge's shots taken at Field Mill on Saturday.  It shows Tommy Wright celebrating his injury time equaliser.

We have also uploaded a couple of our old wallpapers.  One shows the famous image of Gary Coatsworth scoring the winning goal down at Welling on the last day of the season which sent us back into the football league.  There are also a couple of Uncovered wallpapers if you fancy a bit of that.


To download onto your PC just select the 'click to enlarge' text at the bottom left of the gallery.  This will open up the image, once fully loaded, hover over, right click and 'set as background'.


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