Maddo Wants Points

by Scott Thornberry - 28th September 2009

maddo wants points


Temporary Assistant Manager Neil Maddison tonight told BBC Tees that he wants the team to get some points on the board as soon as possible. 

The life time Darlington supporter took up his new role today and met up with the players to get their heads pointing in the right direction and to prepare them for tomorrow nights visit of Rochdale.

Craig Liddle has taken up the role of Caretaker Manager with Maddo his assistant.

"We felt that somebody had to make the decisions and Craig is head of the youth development. " Maddo told Ali Brownlee.

"None of the staff had any idea that Colin was going to do this.  We had a good performance on Saturday, everybody was buoyant and having showers,  he sits everybody down and says that this was his last game in charge and everybody was shellshocked."

"Me and Lidds have had them in today and jeered them back up and getting them prepared for Tuesday.  He will be sadly missed by the players and the staff, he was an honest man and an honest manager."

"It’s a results based business, if you don’t get the results then you are out.  The chairman has obviously seen that things need to be changed, although we had a good result on Saturday the decision was made before the game that Colin would go if we didn’t get a victory.  It was a shock.  Colin has been in today to say goodbye to the staff and clear his office.  There has been names touted, Gary Speed, Paul Jewell but there will be a lot of people interested.  Whoever does come in it has got to be the right person for the club who has the best intentions."

"We want the best for the football club, if it means that we take control of the team for 1 game, 2 games or more then that is what we will do."

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BishopQuaker - 28th September 2009 17:52:08


Hands up who read the title of this post as

"Maddo Wants Pints"

going_back_to_cali - 28th September 2009 18:22:17

Don't we all, Maddo!!

wylam_rangers - 28th September 2009 19:28:21

Scott - I'm sure the players were "gee'd up" - I hope they were'nt really "jeered" up - they didn't deserve that :shock: :thumbup: