Trust Ballot Members

by Scott Thornberry - 11th June 2012

trust ballot members

After much hard work by its new board , the Darlington Supporters’ Trust has sent out to all members a ballot form to enable them to vote on their preferred choice for the use of the £40,000 fund at the Trust’s and members’ disposal for helping Darlington FC.

The ballot form is accompanied by an introductory letter which explains that the £40,000 , when combined with the £10,000 handed over by the Trust in the emergency circumstances of 18 January, equates to the total of the original £50,000 fund. Also included is detailed investment information based in part upon ongoing discussions between the Trust and 1883 plus a Form for members to update their details.

It has been a fairly swift and less than easy handover period for the new Trust board and they are keen to ensure that every member who is entitled to vote should have that opportunity. If any member has not yet received a ballot form and the accompanying information please let the Trust know by emailing:


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