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Fixture / Appearance Grid

M Bell
P Jameson
J McLaren
E Wilcynski
P Woolston
G Brown
K Burgess
D Ferguson
C Hunter
L Marrs
H Saunders
J Watson
T Davie
J Falkingham
T Galbraith
A Lee-Shield
A Mitchell
L Nightingale
A Nowakowski
T Portas
L Scott
N Stephenson
D Syers
S Thompson
P Turnbull
A Wearmouth
M Beck
N Cartman
J Gillies
L Hardy
A Purewal
L Walker

- Starting XI, - Used substitute, - Unused substitute. Numbers inside boxes indicate substitutions. Numbers in superscript indicate goals scored. League fixtures only. Players in red are no longer with the club.


() - used as substitute


Yellow Cards

Info not yet available

Red Cards

Info not yet available