Goal celebrations

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Old Git
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Goal celebrations

Post by Old Git » Sun Jan 17, 2021 10:51 pm

Watching MOTD2 can’t believe the Spurs goal celebrations. Still hugging and climbing all over each other. To be fair to Sheffield Utd they seemed much more restrained when they scored.
Thought the players had been warned again about this. Seems ridiculous that a player could celebrate on his own but if he takes his shirt off he will get a yellow card. Yet if he hugs a teammate no action is taken. Surely it is overdue time referees started yellow carding players who are not adhering to Covid protocols. That is the only way to get players to behave responsibly as clearly some of them are not getting the message.

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Re: Goal celebrations

Post by Darlo_Pete » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:37 am

It's very hard I'd imagine not to get carried away in the heat of the moment. You'd think Sheff Utd players would have been very excited, as they don't score many this season!!

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Goal celebrations

Post by Darlogramps » Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:54 am

Don’t be gullible and fall for the Government deflection tactics. This is a total non-story. People go mad about goal celebrations, yet surely corners and set pieces have players in closer proximity for longer.

No one has batted an eye lid about rugby players, cricket players, indeed players of any other sport celebrating together.

These are players who are regularly tested and don’t step foot on the pitch unless they’re clear of COVID.

The slow-moving Government allowing COVID to run riot over Christmas is a greater issue than a few players celebrating.

I have more issue with clubs flying out to Dubai over Winter for no reason.
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