Darlington v Guiesley Saturday 30th of October

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Darlington v Guiesley Saturday 30th of October

Post by Old Git » Fri Oct 29, 2021 9:51 am

Listening to Alan’s latest interview he is promising changes for the game but unfortunately looks like we are still without Ellis and Smith. On the plus side Charman can play before he starts his 3 match ban.
Have to say I am a bit puzzled by Alan saying how much we are missing George Smith on the left side and yet it seems Joey Hope has had his loan extended at Guisborough for another month. If we are lacking a natural left back surely he could be the answer, unless he is not considered ready or good enough to play.
Something else I would like him to have mentioned is the injury situation regarding Ellis. I have not seen or read anything about the nature of the injury which is a bit worrying. I am not asking for any information which may be private just some idea of the seriousness of it and when we might expect to see him again. There was a comment from a supporter on DFR during the Southport game that he was away on holiday for 3 weeks. No idea if this is true or just bullshit but the absence of any information does make me wonder.

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