A small compilation of Stagsnet posts......

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A small compilation of Stagsnet posts......

Post by Stagparty » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:35 am

"After giving The Stags a deserved ovation at the end, it was great to see so many fellow Stags fans give the Darlo players an ovation too as they trudged off.

I didn't think the score line was justice as Darlo more than played their part in a decent match and I was quite humbled by the ovation we gave em, even though they broke our hearts at Wembley only 9 months ago.

Well done Stags fans, proud to be one"

"A big up to the Darlo supporters also.....sang and sang and sang."

"A much better side than they are being credited for, and their fans deserve a big slap on the back.

Lets hope that the only reason we won't be playing them next season is because we've been promoted."

"I was extremely proud to be a Stags fan tonight. When the Darlo players came off they all had their heads down gutted. Then they look up and see a load of Stags fans applauding them and shouting stuff to them like "Well played lads" and "Unlucky" etc. They all applauded back as well, even the Manager Craig Liddle and Graeme Lee (why wasn't he playing?!)

Regarding the stewards, I thought I'd escaped their attention for too long. I had one get all heavy handed with me tonight because I walked across the dugouts to get Greens penalty and then walked back. The raspberry in the orange jacket came marching over shouting at me like I was 2 telling me not to walk in front of the dugouts. When I asked why the reply was "Because I f**king said so that's why" so I told him I'd been walking in front of the dugouts long before he was a steward and would be long after he would be. He didn't know what to say, but then said "if you want to go that way you have to go behind the dugouts in there" and pointed to the Bishop Street stand. I then pointed out to him that that area was a no go area because it wasn't safe! His reply was "Exactly." which confused the hell out of me. He then followed it up with "I'm in charge around here and I'm telling you not to walk across the dugouts" and then he scampered away back to his position in between the dugouts. He sounded Australian and had a face that looked like it had been stung by 12 wasps."

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Re: A small compilation of Stagsnet posts......

Post by Makka Pakka » Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:02 pm

It seems that us being in the s*** again has brought the best out of everybody. This is the absolute polar opposite to what I expected. Admin 2 saw a lot of Darlo fans turn their back and after we limped through that then it happened again I thought that was it, everyone will give up, other clubs will just want shot of us. We have survived on goodwill and Craig Liddle these last 2 months and now I'm starting to believe there will be a next season.
"At a meeting held at the Grammar School on Friday last - Mr Phillip Wood M.A., in the chair - it was resolved to form an Association Football Club for Darlington and neighbourhood. The opinions of those present were so unanimous as to the desirability of this step, that a committee was formed to complete the organisation of the club, and Mr Craven, 17, Garden Street, was appointed secretary pro tem." - The Northern Echo, Monday 23rd July 1883

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Re: A small compilation of Stagsnet posts......

Post by IrishWhiskeyshop » Mon Jul 25, 2022 3:43 pm

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Re: A small compilation of Stagsnet posts......

Post by basiago » Wed Jul 27, 2022 7:23 am

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