Darlo v Bradford PA

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Re: Darlo v Bradford PA

Post by olrad » Sun Sep 05, 2021 1:40 pm

Realistic expectations are about mid table ….we are not a big fish in this pond , and we have absolutely nothing to offer an investor so we may as well drop that dream .
For me of the players that left from last season I’d have only been interested in keeping cambell and Erico ( and I believe both of them chose to leave )
This years keeper and fullbacks are as good as if not better than last season , Cassidy is something we’ve been missing for years up top ( just needs an understanding with /and players around him ) . Purver looks steady away , Breedon is Very raw and I think Taylor is currently in shock by men’s football ( he may recover ) that leaves Kev ( who looks ok ish ) and mondal ( who I’m undecided on ) plus nelson who are a bit of a gamble .
We’ve not started well ( at all ) but I don’t see the disastrous recruitment that some of you see . A solid centre half and a few more games and we’ll look a different side .

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Re: Darlo v Bradford PA

Post by HarryCharltonsCat » Sun Sep 05, 2021 4:12 pm

Lot of talking with the benefit of hindsight here. Not too long ago, no-one was bothered about the players who left, many thought the signings were upgrades. Couldn't do anything about Sousa leaving, Campbell went full-time. I'd say the assessment above is not too different to my thoughts. As for Ainsley, hasn't he always needed a big budget?

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Re: Darlo v Bradford PA

Post by onewayup » Sun Sep 05, 2021 6:06 pm

If as has been said that the dressing room is not a happy place because of attitudes. Then it's upto the manager to bring them all together and sort it out. Not to add to the frustration by being pedantic and stamping on your own feet not playing players because you think they owe you.
Stand up and say what is wrong so that it can be put right. Talking to get the point across smooth the problem out we are a team. Alibet a dysfunctional one at present time. But the players are good enough I think. As alun has alluded to he's working his socks off trying to get players in .it not his fault if they turn him down. He just moves onto the next target.i really hope he sorts out whatever it is that is causing unrest. As I said talking is the way to do it .
Everyone is different .and each should be handled with differing tones.in alun we trust present.

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Re: Darlo v Bradford PA

Post by MCFCDarlo3 » Sun Sep 05, 2021 9:26 pm

Both their goals looked very similar from where I was watching at the other end with crosses into the box from the right, was Dos Santos meant to track and didnt? Not sure.

Breedon alongside an experienced CB could be some player.

We looked like we got in each others way and went for the same ball a couple of times up front in the second half and that bothered me.

Was glad the crowd stayed with them, anything else is pointless as they look very low on confidence.

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Re: Darlo v Bradford PA

Post by eddie-rowles » Mon Sep 06, 2021 8:53 am

LoidLucan wrote:
Sat Sep 04, 2021 6:15 pm
The alarming bit in AA's interview was when he said: "We went into training on Thursday looking to change it but we didn't get the right attitude from certain players so we didn't change it."

That doesn't sound good at all. It doesn't give the impression of harmony.
That was the impression I got but Darren Holloway tweeted "I was there Thursday and listened to the interview at no point did he say there was any sh** we wouldnt stand for" we need ALL the players to be onboard

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Re: Darlo v Bradford PA

Post by JE93 » Mon Sep 06, 2021 5:09 pm

Watching the highlights same old story. Although can I say highlights for another season are excellent, genuinely best in the league with the commentary and different angles added, really professional production.

First goal is awful. Caught out from our own corner. Taylor far too weak and not close enough to their forward to stop the cross. Then after that it's just a comedy of errors, hits Smith, Griffiths can't re adjust his feet and Taylor is left with no chance as it smack him in the chest and rolls over the line. The second, impossible to say from those angles if the lad was offside or not but to have someone in the 6 yard box completely unmarked is criminal in itself.

Watching us in possession it looks like we worked the ball around quite nicely and created some okay scoring chances, in reality we really should have been taking the Hatfield chance second half, if that goes it we have a 2-2 draw. Not great but certainly better than no points on the board. Not sure what has happened with Wheatley, but he looks a shadow of the player he was last year, not sure if it's just a getting back match fit situation.

My big disappointment from the game was the starting tactics from AA. He said after the last game there would be changes. I realise that unfortunately his hard work to get a CB in last week didn't pay off. But if that's the case don't just start with the same team and system that got beat, change something. We had a 6'3 CB on the bench and we've been weak areially and 1v1 vs big CF's should have packed the defence and used Beeden for his size if nothing else.

Need a good result and performance at Blyth who have started well.

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